Love writing?

We are always interested to know more about new ideas and styles. Here at B?P, we love to meet new people, discuss new ideas and see a million different ways of doing business together.

Business or pleasure is a digital publication which is reaching way over 100,000 people on a monthly basis.

We want Business or pleasure to be an interesting read and not just a run of the mill publication with all sorts of politically related garbage we see nowadays.

Business or pleasure is also a good marketing tool for professionals to promote themselves indirectly, by writing articles.

You can write articles about your line of business, This advertising incentive is offered free of charge to interested parties, in return, you are aiding business or pleasure with providing additional quality content.

What do we do with your articles :

For starters, we never delete the articles, meaning, for as long as business or pleasure will remain alive, your article, name and details will remain available. This surely helps with your online exposure.

once we receive the articles from you, we will edit, add images, upload on our website, and boost your article on our social media for. Nevertheless, once the boost is over, the article remains in the publication available for anyone to share and read.

You may wish to discuss sponsoring your content:
If you wish to have your article sponsored by another company, having their advert banner displayed on our website, a commission structure will be discussed with our writers. We offer 20% commission to any sponsorship you may wish to introduce, in your article, or why not, the whole digital publication.

Should you wish to become a writer, feel free to fill up the form, we’d love to get to know you better and discuss potential business opportunities together.

We strongly believe that with the right people and strategies, both our partners and readers will have the pleasure of being part of doing Business with Pleasure

Do you see an opportunity for growth?

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