Let’s be friends

We are B?P: A Digital magazine which loves to talk about anything and everything, in relation to business or pleasure. We are located in Malta (Europe) and have writers and contributors from all around the globe. Our subjects vary from, events and facts, both international and also in relation to the Maltese islands.

We can talk to anyone in the world really. As a matter of fact, that is what we do! We have viewers and followers from all over!

We can dedicate articles and Audiovisuals, targeting a specific country or audience and so do our ads. Apart from Google ads, we have advertising space available guaranteeing positive statistics with impressions and engagement. This is how we cover our expenses: By promoting businesses through advertorials and Banner advertising.

Here is our invite for a possible contribution with you:

We are on the lookout for partners who have knowledge and experience in digital marketing, advertising and content creation.

We are inviting you to make B?P  your own, promote B?P  to your clients or your country. This partnership will give you a perfect marketing tool without the expenses and the structure to run your own digital magazine.

There is no automation process in play here, we look forward to building good relationships with our partners by getting to know each other and discuss potential business.

This is the ideal solution, and an official call out for:

  • Content writers
  • Marketing Consultants across the globe

This is how it works:

  • Get in touch with us by sending us more information about yourself and your business
  • Let us know where you come from and what would you like to use B?P for?
  • What language would you like to use? Shall we create another version of B?P  for a specific country? We’re happy to talk.
  • We will next discuss, how much will it cost us to make B?P more popular in your country and what contribution you are envisioning towards our new business partnership.
  • And finally, we discuss a healthy business and financial structure based on percentage commissions.

We will:

  • Take care of anything you need us to do for you on the website, that including the setup of advertorials and advertising banners.
  • Promote your advertorial through our Social media.
  • Setting up of any other paid advertising. We are capable of targeting your audience internationally.
  • Create audiovisuals with the content you send us
  • So many other options and ideas are on our table, ready to share together.

If you think that this is a possibility for you to partner with us, be it a big business opportunity or as little as an article a month, we are more than happy to chat.

Let’s start this conversation soon!

Speak to us by sending an email on letstalk@businessorpleasure.online

We look forward to making new friends.

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