Your 2023 Productivity Resolution

During certain phases in life, maintaining productivity might not be easy. When faced with distractions including phone calls, colleague discussions and constant emails, it might be difficult to sustain productivity for long stretches of time. Although it might be hard, it is not impossible and in this article, we shall be discussing some tips to maintain high levels of productivity. Think of it as your New Year’s resolution to be more productive.

Develop a breakfast habit

There are several reasons why they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One of the reasons for this is that it gives the body the energy to stay alert and focused. Skipping breakfast can make one feel less sharp in the morning, impacting mental performance and concentration. To maintain commitment towards daily breakfast, it might make sense to prepare meals in the evening.

Morning exercise

Exercise in the morning can benefit productivity since it would boost one’s energy. Higher levels of energy enable people to perform their work better, faster and more efficiently. Short sessions of around thirty minutes can work wonders for your productivity. In this respect, it is necessary to avoid overworking your body as this can be counterproductive, leading to tiredness and fatigue.


Poor productivity is sometimes the result of inadequate planning. Scheduling activities in anticipation of your day can help with sticking to the established timeframes, ensuring productivity. The plan would serve as guidance to indicate if you are on track or not. 

Do not underestimate breaks

Whilst some people may think that the less breaks they take, the more productive they will be, this can backfire. Some people work to the point till they cannot physically or mentally go any longer. What they fail to understand is that allowing some moments of relaxation will clear the mind and help with approaching tasks with a fresher focus. Breaks can be well-invested by eating, walking, meditating or catching up with a friend. What is important is to ensure that whatever you do leaves you feeling refreshed to continue working.


One reason why people may fail at being productive is poor prioritisation. One must learn to say no to tasks or postpone for another time if they are interfering with the day’s main priorities. Onboarding these additional activities will distract from the main focus and once the day is through you would be overwhelmed with disappointment, because the priority tasks were not done as intended.

Make productivity one of your main priorities in 2023.

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