Taliban Restrict Women’s Education

In one of the latest developments surrounding the Taliban and Afghanistan, women have been banned from attending universities. This has caused significant controversy, where the Taliban are being condemned by the international community, as despair amongst females plagues Afghanistan. 

In relation to the announcement, the higher education minister stated that this development would take place immediately. This latest ban continues to restrict the progression of women in society. It follows another ban where girls are being restricted from attending secondary school. After this announcement, women protested in the capital of Kabul. Women in Afghanistan expressed their anguish to the media, as the possibilities to have the future that they want is slipping away.

This decision continues to diminish the Taliban’s international reputation, since discrimination is accelerating within Afghanistan. The country cannot hope to progress since it is holding back half of its population.

The Taliban are facing backlash from several western countries, with the message being loud and clear that for it to be recognised as government of Afghanistan, women’s rights are to be respected. One area of disappointment surrounding the Taliban regime is that they had promised a softer rule which was different than the last. In reality however, women’s rights are being diminished. There is some resistance from officials and analysts, leading to the creation of factions within the regime. 

The Taliban has committed that a suitable environment for education for women needs to be provided. Until that setting is achieved, attendance will be restricted for females. It was also stated that the Taliban is working towards such a setting and that people should put their mind at rest. Back in March, the Taliban were due to re-open some high schools for girls, however reversed this just before they were expected to return. This is not the first type of restriction being imposed on women. Women are banned from parks, gyms and public baths in the capital. 

Subjects at university were also being restricted for women. It was quite difficult for women to apply for engineering, economics, veterinary science, agriculture and journalism. Entrances and classrooms were segregated according to gender with female students being taught by women and old men. 

As can be expected, many have lost their faith in the Taliban regime. There have been too many restrictions and traumas ever since they took over Afghanistan once more. What to western countries appears as shocking and unrealistic, has become an accepted and ‘normal’ part of life in Afghanistan.

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