Harry and Meghan’s Documentary

As expected, the recently aired documentary of Harry and Meghan captured international headlines. Following their exit from the Royal Family, such a documentary was sure to attract attention and some degree of controversy.  As can be anticipated, the documentary focuses on their unique relationship and what life has been like for them.

The documentary delves into the media exposure that they received over the years. It highlights that the narrative surrounding their life has been quite influenced by external sources. The documentary serves as an opportunity for them to tell the story in their own way. It shares a number of details and a lot about the backstory which formed their relationship. The initial episodes focus on how they met, leading to the first time that they featured publicly. The documentary covers their relationship milestones, including the engagement and wedding.

Viewers of the series should not expect many surprises. What features mostly in the series are historical facts that are documented. The uniqueness of the production is tied to the point of view which is portrayed from the couple’s end. People who have followed developments surrounding the couple will be aware of most of the happenings. One of the examples of the interesting aspects of the documentary revolves around Meghan’s account following the first time she met Harry. She did not Google him to check about his reputation with others, but looked at his social media simply to see how he portrayed himself.

The documentary also brings to light how they felt about the entire ordeal of being part of the Royal Family. It emphasises on the harm that was caused by the media and racist reporting. Following the airing of these episodes, some reporting by the media is shown to be inaccurate and untruthful. 

Together with the perspective of the couple, experts such as Afua Hirsch and David Olusoga give their take. Their insights provide context in relation to the Royal Family and the way it developed its empire.

One of the talking points of the production steers away from Harry and Meghan, but focuses on the then Prince Charles, who gave his own perspective about the media. In a nutshell, his assessment of the media is that if one would not know how to react to it, it is quite easy to go mad. Goes to show that till today the media has such a large influence on public figures and can really impact them on personal levels.

Have you seen the documentary? Do you have any views? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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