Benefits of not Drinking

As one can expect, there are several benefits of not drinking alcohol. The occasional hangover is not the only risk associated with alcohol. There are several positive changes that can be enjoyed when quitting on alcohol completely. When skipping on alcohol completely, in the course of a month, one might notice weight loss, can reverse damage to the liver, improve the look of the skin and get better sleep. In this article, we shall be discussing the benefits of quitting alcohol.

Improved performance of the liver 

The liver will function better almost immediately as one quits alcohol. Experts cite that the liver can revert to its normal functionality levels from four to eight weeks after consuming no alcohol. In a nutshell, the liver would be relieved when it does not need to process alcohol. Sparing it of alcohol means that it can focus on other important activities. Removing alcohol from the system reduces the chances of overworking the liver, making cirrhosis and fatty liver lower possibilities. 

Reduce risk of cardiovascular issues

When cutting down from drinking, you are less likely to experience heart problems. Considering the cardiovascular deaths that are brought about by drinking, it would be a wise move to cut down completely. Consumption of alcohol is also correlated with cholesterol, another driver of heart disease.

Reducing risk of cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. Not drinking alcohol reduces the chances of such an illness. Due to the way it is promoted and its popularity, very few people associate alcohol with cancer.

Weight loss

One of the benefits of not consuming alcohol is tied to weight loss. Drinking beer is correlated with growing fatter, thus avoiding the booze might mean less weight gain. Beer, together with other types of alcohol can make for a lot of calories. It is also important to add that when drinking alcohol, the capacity to make smart dietary choices decreases, leading to the consumption of fatty food. When one does not drink, better sleep can follow, allowing for normal metabolism and appetite. 

Less likelihood of getting sick

Drinking often can lead to a weaker immune system. This makes it more probable that you will end up sick. Abstaining from alcohol allows the immune system to fight off illnesses, diseases and infections more easily. Large volumes of alcohol do correlate with increased bacterial and viral infections.

When considering alcohol’s impact on the body, would you consider quitting completely? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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