Will Russia lose this war?

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for months and developed in a way which was not anticipated by many. Ukraine has actually put up quite a fight against what was perceived to be a global military powerhouse. If anything, Ukraine has shown that it will not go down without a great fight and so far seems to be putting the Russian military at odds.

In one of the latest developments, Ukraine had regained Kherson, after the Russian military announced that it is withdrawing from this city in the south. The important town of Snihurivka which is just thirty miles to the north of Kherson was won by the Ukrainian troops. Ukraine also made solid headway on two fronts close to Kherson.

Credit: Oleksandr Gimanov / AFP via Getty Images

Although Russian military has confirmed that it is exiting Kherson, the process may take a number of weeks. It is important to mention that Kherson was one of the key Russian wins throughout this invasion. This development is being perceived as a significant shortcoming for Russia’s progression in the war. The news was met with some degree of scepticism amongst Ukrainian officials, who cited that the move could be a trap.

Although Russia made the statement that it would be withdrawing from Kherson, there was no immediate evidence of this. Ukrainian military was also not in a position to confirm this withdrawal of Russian troops, however emphasised that important progress was made.

Ukraine’s military has a lot to be proud of. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky said that more than forty settlements have been captured from Russia. Kherson was the only regional capital that fell into Russia’s control since the invasion began.

The Defence Minister of Ukraine stated that it would take at least a week for Russia to withdraw and the related actions are not straightforward to predict.

One advisor to the President of Ukraine said that this is not a time for celebration because one outcome could be that Russian soldiers would leave mines in Kherson and trigger them from another location. This would yield a result of carnage, further contributing to a war that has killed around two hundred thousand soldiers and forty thousand civilians. 

Ukraine’s military is being backed by the United States, having committed another four hundred million dollars for aid. The President of Ukraine has also been discussing support for defence with the recently appointed British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

What do you think will be the outcome of this war?

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