Getting a NO for a Promotion

There are people who strive for career growth and find that promotions are a necessary aspect of both their life and job satisfaction. Being rejected for a promotion can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if an employee feels that he or she is not getting the right amount of support from the boss. 

Although rejections can be tough, it is likely that many of us will have encountered these at some point or another throughout our careers. Some may find that they are inevitable when working towards a promotion. These rejections can serve as necessary experiences which will help one to thrive, to make the best out of future opportunities. 

Perseverance and strategy

One of the key elements to succeed in a corporate career and reach new heights is constant perseverance. This does not mean that one should blindly ask for a promotion without having solid justification or a strategy. In fact, perseverance must be combined and balanced with business sense. A ‘no’ should not destroy one’s confidence. The reason for this is because a ‘no’ may likely be a ‘not yet’ or might accompany another solution which could also benefit one’s career. 

The rejection may be used as an opportunity to gather invaluable feedback and better prepare for the next time you ask. It is important to keep in mind that it is not about the amount of times you ask for a promotion, but rather what has been done in the interim to improve your position and the justification to achieve career growth. If for example, your request for a promotion has been rejected due to a lack of experience or prowess in a certain area, it is necessary to improve your position in this respect before asking again. Once the gaps are addressed, you would be in a better position to negotiate.

Ensure that the request is reasonable

When asking for a promotion, it is important to align this move with the benefit of the company. Such examples include filling in within an open position that exists at the company and helping out in a different department that might need help with an important and complex project. If you feel that you cannot come up with a game plan to justify how you can contribute further to the business, it might be time to seek new opportunities. Other organisations may provide such opportunities.

What do you make about being rejected for a promotion? Have you been in this position recently? How did you tackle it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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