Does Donald Trump have a shot in 2024?

Over the past months, Donald Trump has been hinting that he will have another run in 2024 to become President of the United States. The awaited confirmation is now in.

If he were to be successful in his run for President, Donald Trump may need to re-think his strategy. He may perhaps need to stop discussing the election of 2020 and consider the very real possibility of running against someone else other than Joe Biden.

Donald Trump becoming President once more would be another scenario where he surprises everyone. Most likely, Democrats are not excluding this possibility. Some are describing his eventual return to office as more likely than people think. Although Donald Trump has already served as President, he does have a lot of baggage which he carries from his stint. He has been impeached twice and is considered as being responsible for inciting the US Capitol attack. He also has a strained relationship with a number of Republicans.

Credit: Jonathan Ernst

Notwithstanding his political baggage, Trump holds a loyal base of supporters who would definitely vote for him. Even after making way for Joe Biden, he continues to hold rallies similar to those seen during election campaigns. 

One of the reasons why Trump must stop discussing the 2020 election is because he insists that this was stolen from him. Considering that there is no evidence to support this claim, it might hurt his chances for re-election if he continues to discuss it. Voters also tend to look towards the future, and constantly bringing about a past issue may hurt his chances. This is even more important in the current context where voters are concerned about rampant inflation and talks of a recession just round the corner.

Another factor to consider is Trump’s perception amongst minorities. If he is to go down the road to become President again, he can better package his re-election bid by improving his perception amongst different minorities. In a nutshell, Trump needs to win over new segments of people who might have already made their mind up about him. 

Credit: Pete Marovich for The New York Times

One important factor would be if Biden were to seek re-election. A lot will depend on who Trump is running against.

Do you see Donald Trump back at the White House? What do you think his chances are? Does he have what it takes to steer the United States away from the current crises and make the world a better place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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