Quality of Life

The notion of quality of life is commonly discussed and is one of the main components for a successful society. Quality of life impacts overall satisfaction and is dependent on a number of factors. In the context of Malta, we had grown accustomed to hearing about increasing levels of quality of life. Prior to the pandemic, Malta enjoyed a number of years of consistent economic growth which improved people’s quality of life. 

Over the past years, a number of challenges started to impact quality of life both internationally and also locally. In this article, we shall be discussing some examples to illustrate how quality of life has been impacted over the past months.

Mental health

Mental health has never been given as much priority as in recent times, and rightly so. The uncertainties which now have become the norm, have significantly impacted the mental health of several individuals, hence leading to poorer quality of life. Some people are still impacted by the repercussions of lockdowns and restrictions on their freedom, and have grown susceptible to life in general. Following the ill effects of the pandemic, the volatility of the geopolitical tensions between Russia and most countries contributes to further mental health issues as some people seek constant stability.

Financial squeeze

Most people are now facing a detriment to their finances and savings. This is being caused by the increased cost of living driven by rampant inflation, with most salaries remaining the same. When disposable income decreases, so does quality of living as entertainment and relaxation options reduce. The issue surrounding this increase in prices does not seem to be stopping anytime soon in view that inflation is still yet to be contained. 


Apart from safeguarding the planet, good environmental practices promote a better quality of life. In the local Malta context, a lot more can be done to promote the environment. Many complain that a lot of emphasis was given on development, which has impacted the country’s natural landscape and environment. 


Malta’s economic policy, which is driven by increases in its population has contributed towards more cars in the streets. The traffic problem has been around for ages and remains so till this very day. From an infrastructure point of view, there are limited options on how this problem can be addressed and it can be felt the most when particular roads are closed or else when the weather is bad.

What do you make about the quality of life offered in Malta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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