What to do when you can’t sleep

Sleep is of vital importance for the body. It serves to charge the body with the necessary energy to go through the day’s challenges. For the brain to function healthily, as a rule of thumb, one should aim for eight hours of sleep per night. Apart from the aspect of rest, sleep also promotes better immunity and overall wellbeing. Good sleep might not be straightforward for all and this may hinder both personal and professional lives. In this article, we shall be discussing what one can do when falling asleep becomes difficult.


The positive effects of meditation are backed by thousands of years. Meditation can take place throughout the day or before sleep. Through effective meditation, it might be easier for people to fall asleep due to the inner calmness achieved. Meditation helps with relaxing the brain, diluting thoughts that maintain high activity, without relaxation. Stress and anxiety can also be relieved through meditation. For those that cannot sleep well, meditation before bedtime, round ten or fifteen minutes before hitting the hay can do a world of wonders.


Physical activity is a key driver in keeping the body and mind healthy. Good exercise helps promote better sleep. The reason for this is because when we exercise the body temperature goes up and drops after finishing. Developing a habit for exercise allows more tranquil sleep. If you are not in the mood for heavy exercise, brisk walking would also help.

Keeping the bedroom tidy

It might sound surprising, but the tidiness of the bedroom can influence the quality of the sleep. A room that is clean and tidy helps the mind to be more tranquil and serene. If you are finding it difficult to sleep, it might be related to the surrounding clutter, which can create anxiety and feelings of discomfort.


Reading is one of the most popular activities that people resort to when they cannot sleep. Similar to meditation, it helps relax individuals before sleep. Together with promoting better sleep, it helps one to improve intellect and knowledge. To keep your mind relaxed, it would be ideal to select a genre which you find interesting. When we say reading, it is best to focus on physical books rather than mobile phones or tablets which could make it even more complicated to get some decent sleep.

Do you feel that you have issues with sleep? What do you do to tackle the problem?

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