Best Qualities of Parents

Parents play a key role in the development, growth and well-being of their children. In a number of cases, parents are held mostly responsible for the upbringing of their children. Traits of good character and personality are influenced by the examples that parents give to their children. Without the involvement of parents, it is difficult for children to gain access to a healthy environment. Research finds that there is a correlation between criminality and improper guidance given to an offspring. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the most important qualities that parents should hold.

Solid Guidance

Good parents must provide solid guidance. Based on experience and life lessons, parents can effectively pass on knowledge to their children enabling them to become great individuals. It makes a big difference, having good advice when faced with life’s challenges. Being able to navigate through life and making less mistakes would be ideal, steering children on the right path.

Enabling Independence

Parents that succeed when raising their children are those who know how to strike a balance. Although the easy way out might be to restrict children’s freedom simply to keep them safe, this can backfire. If children are restrained from pursuing enjoyable activities, they might feel as if they are growing in a prison and will be frustrated. In a bid to counter their parent’s efforts to restrict them, children may lie, entering into a vicious cycle of dishonesty to get what they want. Children must be allowed a certain degree of independence to go out of their comfort zones and achieve their dreams and ambitions.


Success is rarely the result of one sole individual. Most children, even when they go into adulthood, would get the help and support from their parents. Several people have had their dreams shattered due to the inadequate support of their parents. Proper support from parents will enable children to lead successful lives.


A healthy environment for children needs adequate care from parents. When given care and affection, children will be more confident and comfortable. With good care, children will be provided with a solid base to take decisions and overcome fears. 

Being a parent in today’s day and age is a struggle. It is quite easy to be steered off the right track especially due to distractions and negative influences. What are in your views, the most important qualities of parents? Let us know your thoughts and views in the comments section below.

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