Beating Overthinking

Overthinking is one of those issues that people find difficult to beat. Many have just stopped trying and accepted that it is impossible to conquer. When considering the amount of hours one spends in his or her life overthinking things, both related to personal and professional matters, it can really be a serious issue. The time spent overthinking can lead to no work being done and an overall lack of productivity.

How do you beat overthinking?

Those who are victims of consistent overthinking would naturally think whether it is something that can be solved. Although we cannot control thoughts since we are naturally inclined to attempt to solve problems, we can however guide overthinking to be productive rather than problematic.

Focus on a challenge that deserves your attention

By their very nature, humans seek to solve problems. The brain works in a way where it actively seeks to address problems. The neurons within the brain are active but have no specific direction. There is an energy within the brain that is driven to be exhausted. When the brain is not targeted towards solving a particular problem, it focuses on creating new issues. This underscores the importance of focusing on a challenge that merits time and attention, rather than a random and minor issue which is overinflated.

Diffuse anxiety

Anxiety and overthinking go hand in hand. One of the main causes of overthinking is related to the fear of the unknown, spurred by anxiety. When we manage anxiety effectively, we relieve ourselves extensively from overthinking. Managing anxiety can be achieved through meditation and regular exercise.

Write down your feelings

At times, we might be overthinking about a series of problems, making us feel overwhelmed. When one is in this position, it might feel that there is no control over all these thoughts. These thoughts might not allow the brain to determine the right way forward. When you cannot think straight, you should write down this stream of thoughts on a piece of paper. Reading these out will help you to understand whether these thoughts are exaggerated, overinflated or inaccurate.


Positivity goes a long way in the midst of negative thoughts. This can come about when attempting to think objectively about a situation, since we tend to see the worst in things when we are stressed. By adopting positivity, you will understand how easy it is to underestimate what good we have and that negative thoughts can be controlled.

When we overthink on matters of little importance, we limit ourselves and our potential. On the other hand, when overthinking is concentrated well, the results can be fruitful.

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