How Malta has changed over the years

Very few will argue that Malta has not changed much over the past ten years. In this timeframe, the country evolved and transformed in a fast-paced manner. Some will endorse the changes that took place within the country whilst others will argue that they represent a regression. In this article, we shall be discussing how Malta has changed over the past ten years.


The most recent census has affirmed what many have suspected for quite a while now. The population grew significantly and at unprecedented levels. The growth of the population is part of the country’s economic vision and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. The population is also quite diverse with people from different continents coming to Malta in a bid to achieve a better life. The people coming to Malta do so mainly for jobs which vary, ranging from top professionals to labourers.

Property prices

The prices of property have increased dramatically in view of the economic growth. Whilst people who already own property may be glad to see their investments reaping benefits, those who are entering the market are facing struggles. It is being argued that acquiring a property as a first-time buyer has never been more difficult, and that people will eventually need to rent rather than buy. Certain locations are already deemed to be unachievable in view that properties are being marketed for people that are well-off or high net worth individuals. 


In view that Malta attracted record numbers of foreigners, the traffic situation continues to deteriorate. Time spent in traffic continues to increase in view of the large influx of cars. Although there have been noteworthy investments in infrastructure over the past years, the traffic problem continues to persist.

Changes in the different localities

The identity of certain localities has also changed in the past ten years. One of the most notable examples would be Malta’s capital city, Valletta. From an evening quiet city, it has become an area of entertainment, attracting volumes of people especially during the weekends. It has become a city populated with restaurants, bars and boutique hotels. Locations such as Sliema and St. Julian’s have transitioned to accommodate more development and blocks of apartments. Bugibba has also evolved into one of the country’s most cosmopolitan localities.

What do you make of the changes that Malta has gone through? Do you think that this is an improved state? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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