Are the Maltese Angry People?

Recent research by an analytics company based in the United States highlights that the Maltese are the angriest in the European Union. The study concludes that a significant part of the population is worried, stressed and in pain. The research was made in over a hundred and twenty countries and concluded that twenty-five percent of Maltese people surveyed, experienced anger the day prior that the questions were asked.

Malta’s results are similar to those of Poland and the ratings are the third highest within Europe, following only Turkey and North Macedonia. The results obtained by Malta show that anger within the country ranks amongst the top twenty globally. Malta’s results have nothing to do with those of other EU countries such as Finland, Estonia, Portugal and the Netherlands, as they find themselves towards the end of the list. The ratings of anger and stress were below ten percent for these countries.

The research undertaken had quite a number of respondents. Such large sample sizes portray a more realistic picture of what is felt within the different populations. Around a thousand people from each country, over the age of fifteen were surveyed for this study.

The study sheds interesting information about people living in Malta. Maltese tend to worry a lot it seems. Sixty-four percent of those interviewed said that they were worried about something during that day or the one before. Apart from being the highest in Europe, this stat is also established as the fourth globally. Throughout this study, respondents were not asked to divulge or elaborate about the symptoms causing them discomfort. Together with anger and worry, half of the respondents that are Maltese signalled that they felt stress the day before. In this context, Malta only trails after Cyprus, which registered a rate of fifty-three percent.

Maltese respondents did not fare too well when it comes to joy related ratings. Malta featured at the lower end of the list when compared to other countries within the EU, only surpassing Portugal that came in last.

Apart from anger, stress, worry and limited joy, Malta scored unfavourably when it comes to physical pain. In fact, Malta tops the charts in Europe when it comes to physical pain. Close to forty percent of those surveyed felt physical pain a few days before being interviewed. Countries within the European Union registered lower figures. Once again, respondents were not asked to elaborate on what is causing them physical pain. In the midst of these lacklustre ratings, seventy-five percent of Maltese respondents felt that they were well-rested.

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