Reasons why you are constantly tired

You may be at a phase where you are feeling consistently tired, with little energy to spare. Excessive fatigue may transpire due to a number of reasons such as inadequate sleep or a cold. Whilst being tired can be attributed to normal everyday circumstances, it may also signal health issues.

Feeling tired during certain phases in life is quite normal, however consistent fatigue can impact one’s quality of life, not allowing an individual to do the things he or she enjoys. In most cases, fatigue can be addressed by a few lifestyle or dietary changes. To be able to address excessive fatigue however, one needs to find the underlying reason for it. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the reasons why one may be constantly tired.

Inadequate sleep

The fact that a number of people do not get enough hours of quality sleep promotes fatigue. Whilst one is asleep, the body undertakes a number of important functions such as releasing growth hormones, and repairing and regenerating cells. Although most of us are aware about the importance of sleep, falling into it can be a struggle. Maintaining consistent sleep can also be problematic. People that suffer from insomnia are less likely to get decent amounts of sleep.

Lack of nutrients

When the body is not supplied with nutrients, one can feel exhausted every day. Fatigue may be spurred by a deficiency in a particular vitamin. If you are facing significant and consistent fatigue, it is important to get yourself tested to seek for any deficiencies in vitamins.


Stress has become an intrinsic part of our lives. Chronic stress is linked to fatigue. It can lead to both structural and functional changes within the brain, further increasing the likelihood of fatigue. Considering that it is practically impossible to avoid stress completely, especially when it is tied to work or family, managing it is of utmost importance.


The diet is a key player in how one feels. Eating food items packed with nutrients can help with managing fatigue much better. One may also be on a strict diet where food would be limited, leading to fatigue. Consuming processed foods also does not help.

Being constantly tired is not something one should get accustomed to. When fatigue becomes a regular, it is important to understand why you are feeling tired and aim to make the necessary changes. Your well-being is intrinsically linked to how energetic you feel.

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