Keeping Millennials Engaged

Millennials are expected to represent three quarters of the global workforce soon. In this context, millennials represent the future of the business world. One of the challenges for organisations all over the globe is to keep millennials engaged and retain their services for the longer term, in the midst of this highly competitive environment for talent. Whilst the efforts of millennials cannot be underestimated, they are known for holding the lowest rates in terms of employee engagement. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips on how to promote engagement from millennials. 

Focus on organisational culture

A strong company culture will promote higher engagement. The environment needs to be geared for productivity especially when considering that employees are inspired by their surroundings. Research by Forbes shows that companies with superior cultures can dramatically increase their revenues by up to four times. Organisational culture is influenced by a variety of factors and in this day and age, one that promotes empathy is appreciated by millennials. This is in view of the fact that mental health is high on the agenda and a workplace that caters for vulnerabilities is deemed as ideal.

Career development

One of the reasons why millennials may portray low levels of workplace engagement is due to the lack of career development opportunities. For millennials, learning and development are of vital importance. In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations must come up with creative solutions to promote career growth for millennials. This can be achieved through performance development plans.


Constructive feedback is a central component for performance management. Creating the right framework for the effective dissemination of feedback allows opportunities for knowledge sharing. This keeps employees engaged and on the ball. Millennials expect feedback more regularly than previous generations. They expect it even when they do not ask for it.


Greater flexibility has become an expectation by millennials nowadays. Businesses that do not provide flexible working options are deemed as ancient and unattractive. Millennials today deem it that as long as the work requested is being completed, the where and working hours matter very little. This underscores the importance of businesses providing family-friendly measures such as remote working and flexible hours. 


We have grown accustomed today to forming part of international environments and teams. Millennials are intrigued by the concept of inclusion and that of sharing different experiences and perspectives. A diverse workplace must embrace inclusion at all levels.

Millennials are the future of the business world. Organisations must strive to compete for talent and sustain their existence.

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