The Race for Top Employees

Following a pandemic crisis which was immediately ensued by runaway inflation, many would not have thought that a main problem that businesses would face is sourcing top quality employees. In the midst of uncertainty, one would expect that businesses have ample choice when it comes to sourcing top quality employees. In the current context, this could not be any further from the truth as businesses struggle to find top talent, with competition for resources being red hot. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips on how to compete well and win the race for top employees.

Offer a competitive package

We don’t plan on beating round the bush and have classified this as the first tip. Top talent expects high income, which is why businesses need to make decent and enticing offers if they plan on engaging. Good salaries can be complemented with other benefits, allowing companies to be creative and stand out from the competition.

Invest in a positive work culture

Employees with experience can suspect when things are not just right within a particular company. The stresses and toxic working environments can immediately radiate impressions which would make potential recruits hesitant about joining. If potential hires are not sure about the work culture within an organisation, they are less likely to make the jump.

Invest in employer branding

In a bid to attract high quality employees, companies today showcase their commitment towards job satisfaction and well-being, marketing their businesses as ideal places to work for. Using marketing channels to maintain visibility and promote the business as a workplace of choice is more likely to arouse interest from potential recruits.

Treat your current employees well

Before thinking about attracting top talent from external companies, businesses should ensure that their own house is in order. Bad news about wrong employer practices spreads like wildfire and dissatisfied employees will speak about their experience with others. Having employees portraying a bad image about the business is likely to discourage anyone from applying, let alone taking the job. This underscores the importance of ascertaining higher levels of job satisfaction amongst the current employee base.

Embrace flexibility

Working trends have changed and to recruit top talent, employers must embrace flexibility and respect those who request it. High calibre employees may not be too impressed if they deal with rigid companies that do not allow the flexibility of say working from home. Businesses have today evolved into allowing employees significant levels of flexibility and those companies that do not may be perceived as old-school and make for less attractive employers.

The competition for top talent remains strong and is envisaged to remain as such throughout the short-term at least.

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