Should you go back to your old job?

Many people have opted to change jobs across these past months. Those shifting career paths would typically do so in a bid to improve their prospects. A few weeks into the new job and some may find that it is not what they expected. It might be a lot different from what the recruiter actually portrayed. 

In these circumstances, it might be tempting to consider a return to the previous employer. In this tight job market and if no bridges were burnt, likelihood is that one can make a return. The dilemma in this case is whether this would be a good decision or not. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the things to keep in mind before taking a decision.

Why did you leave in the first place?

People may have various reasons for leaving their jobs. These can include better income, improved career progression prospects and a change of industry, amongst many others. Reasons may also include trying to move away from a toxic working environment or a difficult boss who makes things complicated and difficult. The reasons why one left will determine whether a return may be a good decision or not. If you were immensely unhappy when you left the organisation and things did not change, likelihood is that the same feelings will re-emerge with time.

What do you miss the most about your old job?

There are several factors that could make one miss their old job. These can include good relationships with superiors and colleagues, a positive work culture and an appealing office environment amongst others. These could be significant drivers in considering a return to your old job. If one misses trivial things such as the different commute or food offered at the cafeteria, these should not be influencers in the decision to jump ship.

Your current role

Before thinking about going back to a previous job, it is important to review where you stand with the current role. Any new job will require a period of adjustment, so one should not allow the initial fears and insecurities to cloud proper judgement. A factor you will need to consider is whether there is the potential for an exciting future with various prospects for growth. You may need to give the job some time before deciding that past pastures were better.

Changing jobs is a courageous move, especially if you are happy at your current place of work. Although changes in career paths are made to improve one’s standing, sometimes things do not go as planned.

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