Building trust as a start-up

Any business owner that wishes to succeed in a start-up venture, needs to find ways to build trust. Organisations that operate with a certain degree of transparency and ethics will build trust over time. With that said, during the initial stages, there would not be enough history to establish trust. Consumers would naturally be a bit sceptic. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can build trust, improving the overall business perception.


One of the key elements which will help your business to build trust is the quality of the products and services offered. People feeling hard done by because of a perceived cheap product and bad service will not trust the business again and spread negative word of mouth, impacting reputation. On the other hand, those that are satisfied with the quality will likely come back for more, establishing themselves as repeat and loyal customers, contributing to the sustainability of income.

Solid leadership

Successful businesses will need strong leaders, especially during the start-up phase. They will be necessary in establishing the business and servicing the first few clients. Leaders that are visible are more likely to make the business appear trustworthy, rather than a faceless entity.


Ethical considerations have a part to play in today’s business world. Consumers demand that organisations comply with the highest standards of honesty, transparency and sustainability. Although ethics are subjective, there are some clear expectations of what businesses should be doing. Consumers today are more demanding and expect businesses to preserve the environment and minimise their global footprints.

Express Expertise

To gain trust, businesses must show that they are on the ball and have a certain degree of expertise in the delivery of their products and specific industry. If the leaders within the start-up business showcase thought leadership, people are more likely to trust the brand. There are several ways how this can be done, through a myriad of marketing channels and tools. This can be done through a content marketing strategy, including video, visual and written content, where the business can share relevant information with different consumers. This can create several opportunities for engagement and leads, who would be interested in enquiring about the business.

Building trust as a start-up business will require time, effort and dedication. The thing with trust is that it takes years to build and only a few mishaps to erode quite quickly.

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