Financing a business when in retirement

For the majority of people, retirement represents relaxation and catching up with the things in life that a working career may have not left ample time for. On the other hand, there are those who do not perceive retirement as the opportunity for relaxation, travel, beaches and cocktails. These are the sort of retirees who are still hungry and want to continue challenging their boundaries. For these few, retirement may be the right opportunity to start a new business venture.

Some people may deem retirement as the right opportunity, as their working careers would not have allowed them to pursue this venture. In this context, retirement can serve as a means for one to achieve both personal and professional fulfilment. Following a solid working career, one may also have a good level of capital to invest, enabling the pursuit of the dream. Although capital might be at hand, retirees may need to look towards other financing sources and in this article, we shall be discussing a few possibilities.


Launching a new business from the ground up may require the participation of investors. High net worth individuals may be considered to provide the business with additional capital in exchange for a share of the organisation. A long-term career may have provided the opportunities for new contacts who could be interested in such a venture. If existing contacts are not already available, networking opportunities through conferences and business breakfasts should be considered.

A side hustle

A business may require a lot of capital, and the funds already raised might not be enough. To finance the business venture, you may need to consider an alternative source of income through a side hustle. This can include being engaged by companies on a freelance basis to generate some income through the services provided. Although working for other companies is something that most retirees would not be looking forward to, it is a low-risk strategy to make money and help build the business.

Sell current investments

When an exciting business opportunity comes knocking, it might be too enticing and may be deemed appropriate to cash in on your investments. Selling existing stocks or assets might help you to move closer to gaining success in your dream business venture. This does not come easy and risk-free, especially as you would be narrowing your avenues of investment.

Although a relaxing retirement is too much of an exciting prospect for many, there are those who want to go beyond the ordinary. Launching your own business when retired, ticks going beyond the ordinary.

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