Avoiding Burnout

Stress is one of the recurring themes and problems in life. Personal lives, responsibilities and work all contribute to additional stress during different times. It is understandable that one would feel fatigue at certain points. When these feelings start to interfere with one’s working life, this is commonly referred to as burnout. Stress can become problematic if not managed adequately, and may potentially lead to mental, emotional and physical detriment.

Although burnout can become a serious problem, it is reversible. One of the important factors is identifying it at an early stage to avoid and dilute its symptoms altogether. In several instances, burnout is a direct result of excessive work. Those with burnout can feel overwhelmed, tired and demotivated, since they would be constantly pressured with their work. Burnout can transpire when one feels that there are various responsibilities and is underappreciated. With time, these feelings can contribute to problems such as anxiety, depression and cynicism towards work and people. Burnout is not only related to work and can stem following family problems and changes. People that are burnt out, would feel that normal tasks are too overwhelming and are less productive and motivated than usual.

So how does one work towards avoiding burnout?

Beating burnout may not be easy, but it is doable. It requires time and effort to regain control over how you feel. Some tips include:


With packed schedules, trying to juggle between work and personal commitments, finding time for exercise can be a challenge. Physical exercise such as a walk or going to the gym can positively contribute to your mental and emotional wellbeing. It can also benefit your immune system, especially when considering that this is negatively impacted by stress and burnout.

Good sleep

For many, sleep is one of the few opportunities for some quality rest. Most people will need around seven hours a night for sufficient sleep. Cutting corners with sleep and trying to reduce timeframes to keep up with commitments can come back to bite. Feeling tired everyday can mean that it would be a good idea to consider prolonging your sleep, ending the day earlier. If worries and stress are keeping you up at night, consider taking a relaxing beverage before sleeping.

A healthy diet

To function at optimal levels, different vitamins are needed. This can be achieved by eating diverse foods including fruits and vegetables. Although fast food may be more convenient, it will not provide the mind and body with the nutrients needed to thrive. A healthy diet can be achieved by planning ahead, and preparing meals that are nutritious.

Manage things better at work

One of the best ways to prevent burnout is by mitigating stress. Adopting better time management practices at work can spare a world of hassle. Good time management can also go a long way to identify when are the right times to speak up at work, especially if you are operating with limited resources. 

Fighting and preventing burnout is necessary for overall wellbeing. Failing here can be detrimental for your health on various levels.

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