Francesca Rausi Storms Catwalk

Francesca Rausi made both local and international headlines during a fashion show. Her presence created an immensely positive atmosphere where people were all smiles during this fashion show. As she progressed through the catwalk, she wore a radiant smile which was well-received by the audience.

Francesca Rausi, who has Down Syndrome was full of joy as she walked down the catwalk during the charity fashion show which hosted models with disabilities. Francesca was seen with other models, exceeding twenty, with varying ages between four and twenty-four.

Francesca Rausi started modelling at a very young age and she absolutely loves it. She holds the honour of being the first toddler in Malta to participate in a modelling competition, winning the junior top model award.

It is the target of Francesca Rausi to become a professional model one day and raise awareness about Down Syndrome. By the age of four, she managed to participate in the charity fashion show for five times. She is evidently quite comfortable on the catwalk with experience to boast in such pageants.

To her name, Francesca already holds the “Best Junior Super Model” from the Miss Junior Malta competition. This success story is complemented by the fact that young Francesca is making the most out of the opportunities to do what she loves.

Through these invaluable experiences, she also shared the stage with Madeline Stuart, an Australian who is the first catwalk model with Down Syndrome.

Francesca’s participation and experience are indeed inspirational as they help to break down the barriers with respect to disability. Through such inclusion, it is illustrated that disability should not serve as a ceiling for one’s aspirations and dreams.

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