Working from Home Productively

A number of businesses around the world have adopted a fully remote working model. Following the pandemic, several businesses are now more accustomed to the idea of remote working and allow their employees a number of days to tend to their tasks and activities from home.

Although many of us are not engaged by businesses that offer fully remote working, chances are that we will need to work from home every couple of days. In the right setting, working from home can improve productivity, job satisfaction and general happiness. The habits adopted by the different individuals will ultimately determine the success or otherwise of remote working. In this article, we shall be discussing some matters to keep in mind, in a bid to promote better productivity when working from home.

Managing flexible time

It is an obvious given that working from home allows one more flexible time. With that said, an employee should not overdo it as this shall negatively impact productivity. One of the factors that can hinder employee efficiency is starting work too late in the day. If an employee can compensate for this by working additional hours after normal time, it is one thing. If however, there are other commitments throughout the day, such as picking up the kids after school finishes, that is a totally different matter, considering one will have short timeframes to get things done. Although working from home spares the commutes, one would do well to invest this time productively by getting actual tasks out of the way.

Choosing the right working area

One of the important factors when working from home is the place you choose to settle to get tasks done. Choosing a private space where you will be able to concentrate with minimal distractions is the right way to go. This will allow reading and replying to emails in a faster manner. To avoid distractions as much as possible, a room with a door works best.

Be careful with multitasking

When working from home, it is quite tempting to undertake home related activities. When performing challenging work activities, multitasking to keep your home in order might come back to bite you.

Procrastination is the enemy

Procrastination erodes productivity and impacts job performance. When working from home, likelihood is that employees have very limited supervision. It can be tempting to procrastinate, with social media and apps on the phone being so easily accessible. This procrastination will eventually reflect in one’s performance as superiors and colleagues will realise that less work is being registered from home.

Do you manage to maintain your productivity whilst working from home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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