Happiness does not need to be complicated

Happiness is a very subjective and delicate topic. Considering the stresses of everyday life, achieving happiness can be perceived as quite difficult. For the less optimistic, happiness can be deemed unachievable or temporary at best. The concept of happiness will be different for everyone and can be influenced by being surrounded by the right people, whether you are at peace with yourself or the liberty to pursue what you want in life. Here we will be sharing a few tips on how you can feel happier in life, amidst the hustle and bustle.


Most would tend to think that smiling is a by-product of being happy. In reality, it works both ways because when you smile, the brain releases dopamine, creating feelings of happiness. This does not mean that you should adopt an approach where you are constantly smiling, as this could be interpreted as fake by the people who surround you. Adopt smiling periodically, especially when you are feeling down, or perhaps early in the morning just after you wake up.

Physical activity

Together with the benefits for the body, exercise contributes towards less stress and anxiety. This correlates positively with happiness and self-esteem. The good part about this is that the activity can be light and does not require regular full-blown workouts. One should avoid exertion and go into a routine that is difficult to keep, as this will be counterproductive and would lead to frustration.

Quality sleep

Not getting enough sleep contributes to waking up cranky in the morning. Lack of adequate sleep impacts the brain, overall health and one’s emotional state. Workloads and modern society tend to steer us away from proper sleep durations and hence why it is more important to allocate time for rest accordingly.

Eat healthy and good food

The food we consume affects the health of our body. Together with that, it also influences our mood. Food selection should be considered in the context of our mood. Carbohydrates are good when consumed at low levels. Overindulging provides one with a short surge of energy that will diminish rapidly after a brief period of time. The complex carbs such as vegetables, beans and grains are better alternatives. Food items that are high in protein promote dopamine and norepinephrine, boosting energy and concentration. On the other hand, processed and fried foods can impact one’s mood negatively.

Be appreciative

One of the key components of happiness is being grateful for all the good that you have. If your mindset is constantly focused on the negative, your chances of feeling happy are quite slim. 

It is important to value what you already have. Life is unpredictable, and one should not take anything for granted.

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