The Different Jerks at Work


The Different Jerks at Work

Most of us have had more than our fair share of jerks at the workplace. These toxic individuals have the uncanny capability of making one’s life at the office a living hell, and they can come in various types. Experience and astuteness can really go a long way in identifying what makes them tick and the things to look out for. In certain instances, people may become difficult simply because of a toxic work culture, that drains their optimism and spikes cynicism. In this article, we shall be discussing the different types of jerks at the office.

The competition obsessed

This group is easy to identify. It consists of people who consistently need to compare themselves with other employees. The extent of this can vary, with those constantly seeking to compete for the bigger and high priority projects and activities, to the mundane and inane.

Credit stealers

These are quite common at the workplace. They thrive on identifying teams where who does what may be a bit blurred. They would then take opportunities to steal the credit for the hard work others had put in. When dealing with these people, it is important that team leaders ensure that credit is given where it is due, to avoid discontentment and demotivation amongst members of staff.


There are those individuals who will stop at nothing to get their way. When things are not going to their plan, they have no problem with crushing others and bulldozing their way through. You may wonder why they would be allowed in the first place to have their way. One of the reasons could be because they hold a favorable position, such as being the only individual that has a certain skill that is necessary within the organization.

Office free riders

These jerks tend to do well socially, and therefore you might feel that they do not necessarily fall under this category. They would typically be charming, attractive and outgoing. They would source hard working teams and individuals whilst staying under the radar, slacking to their hearts’ contentment. They offload the heavy lifting onto others who are more motivated to work and prove themselves. Strong presentation skills and charming characters are amongst their greatest assets, as they would be able to trick superiors into thinking that they are working hard.


These are quite common within office environments. They get involved in every activity that their subordinates are working on, making tasks longer and tedious. This impacts delivery timeframes and the quality of work.

Have you encountered different jerks at work? What was your experience like in dealing with them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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