Starting your Day the Right Way

When leading a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, starting your day the right way is of vital importance and influences how the whole schedule develops. Starting off on the right foot promotes better engagement and productivity for both your professional and personal life. Failing at this might deplete you both emotionally and physically by the end of the day. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips on how to start off your day the right way.

Be careful with technology

One of the immediate inclinations of many as they wake up is to grab their phones and scroll through the latest news and updates on their phones. When using phones so early in the morning, this can increase anxiety and distract you from the important things at hand. Time should be better invested in a more relaxing morning routine, to gear up for the day ahead.


Developing a regular time window when waking up in the morning helps you out for the longer term. Irregular sleeping hours and schedules can make you feel drained and exhausted. This consistency can be difficult to establish especially with the snooze button being so easily accessible for tapping. Ignoring your first alarm can disrupt your morning routine, especially if you end up waking late. Some ways to avoid this include standing up immediately and gaining exposure to sunlight. It is also extremely important to ensure that you consistently get enough sleep during the night.

Exercise and mindfulness

One way to improve your body and mental health is through both exercises and mindfulness. These are complementary to a healthy routine, promoting better breathing and stress relief. You do not necessarily need to go for a full-blown workout to benefit.

Consume well

Mornings are not meant to be hectic. You should find a timeslot for a healthy breakfast which will give you the energy for the remainder of the day. As part of your breakfast, you should also include some glasses of water.

Avoid texts and emails

Easy access to our devices allows us to rapidly reply to emails and text messages. Many do spend their morning routines replying to emails and text messages. This can impact the morning transition and your mindfulness. Waking up and trying to immediately absorb information without giving yourself time to relax can lead to high stress so early in the day.

Start off your day the right way with these tips. Any more to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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