Sustaining a Healthy Relationship

Some of the most basic human needs are connection and feeling loved. In this article, we shall be discussing some tips on how to sustain a healthy and flourishing relationship.

Quality time

One of the reasons why a lot of relationships fail is because of the lack of quality time invested. Good relationships are sustained when people spend time with each other. Without investing the right amount of quality time in a relationship, it may survive the exciting and initial phases, however when demands related to work, family and finances take over, it becomes a totally different ballgame. A commitment to spending quality time together should surpass the hassle and problems of a fast-paced lifestyle.


Healthy relationships are void of selfishness and partners or spouses must understand that they need to do things that benefit each other. Being present and always willing to lend out a helping hand dilute the stresses and anxiety that life’s problems bring about.

Taking note of the nonverbal

It is important to understand that communication also takes place without conversation. Certain hints need to be taken, for example those that are transmitted through eye contact, tone, posture and body language. These cues can sometimes be stronger than anything which is communicated verbally. Taking note of these allows you to understand your partner without the need of him or her to say anything.


Good listening allows partners within a relationship to feel valued and understood. By developing the discipline of listening at the appropriate times, a relationship solidifies its existing foundations. In this regard, it is important to note that there is a difference between listening and just hearing. Active listening means engaging with what is being said. This does not necessarily mean that one should agree with everything being said.

Effective stress management

We lead complex and stressful lives that can easily spill over our relationships. When you are facing hard times, it can be easy to misinterpret your partner and make comments that may be unfair and hurtful. These quick snaps and reactions can be detrimental for the health of a relationship. Mastering how to separate life’s problems from your relationship can be make or break and could save intimacy. This would allow for the avoidance of misunderstandings and keeping things calm.

Sustaining healthy relationships in today’s day and age has become more difficult. This is especially the case since we have grown accustomed to immediately replace something, rather than make efforts to fix it.

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