Investment in Military Increasing across Europe

The invasion of the Ukraine by Russia has shocked the world. At a time where the world believed that a war in this day and age was impossible, the worst scenario struck. After weeks of rising tensions, Russia attacked Ukraine through military means, causing several hardships. People are dying and many of those who have not been killed have lost their livelihoods. The country is seeing a crisis like it never experienced in the past. 

Leaders within the European Union are understanding that this latest experience comes with its key learnings. European Union member states have agreed that a collective bolstering in defence capabilities is required. When compared to the military of certain powerhouses within the world, the European Union leaves a lot to be desired. The urgency in this regard can be felt by the fact that war has hit a European country and there are tensions that the conflict can extend further. The invasion marks a critical point in history, one we can never turn back from.

In view of the instability and global volatility, European leaders are committed towards the responsibility of improving security and building sovereignty. This commitment is being spearheaded from the top as the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen has asked EU leaders to perform an analysis to identify the gaps in investment when it comes to defence. A plan is set to be developed on how to address these by mid-May.

Expenditures in relation to defence are expected to increase substantially. Another objective revolves around cooperation between member states and improved mobility across Europe.

It has become clear that large countries need to act immediately to ascertain their military autonomy. Countries such as Germany which have not invested significantly in the past are now changing their adopted paths, moving away from the reliance on neutrality.

It has been agreed by leaders of the EU that financing for Ukraine’s military aid shall double. This is driven by the objective of protecting Kyiv from the Russian invasion. 

In view of the situation and tensions between Russia and a number of countries, investment in a strong military backbone is of utmost importance, especially for the European Union. The right investment would ensure that Europe can defend itself better in the face of future conflicts that may arise.

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