A Vision for Gozo

One of the main challenges that the current and future governments need to address is a vision for Gozo. Malta’s neighbouring island is a frequent topic of discussion and what makes establishing a vision for it difficult is the wide range of different views. Although it is no mean feat to establish a way forward due to the fact that there will be those who would express their disagreement, the long-term vision for Gozo is necessary. In this article, we shall be discussing the key and contrasting themes which are necessary in establishing its vision.

Gozo as an extension of Malta

It is no secret that Gozo enjoys a slower and more tranquil lifestyle pace than Malta. Adopting a vision where Gozo will serve as an extension of Malta means that life there will change. One infrastructural element that can assist the transition to this development would be the bridge, which will make accessing Gozo from Malta much easier and quicker. If this vision were to be truly adopted, we would expect that Gozo’s identity will become similar to Malta’s. This implies a more fast-paced lifestyle and increased construction to accommodate additional residents and businesses. There are those who would strongly oppose this vision for Gozo, emphasising that the island will lose its allure and attractiveness as a place of character and relaxation. There is already extensive controversy in view of several construction projects taking place in Gozo, which some argue go against its existing landscape.

Gozo retaining its identity

A vision for Gozo could revolve around the island maintaining its existing identity and character. In view that Malta has become the place for business, one can argue that Gozo does not need to follow suit and that it should retain its own unique features. Going for such a strategy will allow Gozo to maintain its status as a go-to place for relaxation and some quality downtime. On the other hand, this will also prove difficult to sustain growth for the island, as most youths would still need to seek employment and business opportunities in Malta. In such a context, one would question whether facilitating travel between Malta and Gozo beyond the existing ferries is worth the time and investment.

Determining the vision for Gozo is necessary to maintain a transparent approach. Each vision will come with its own followers and naysayers. What do you think should be the vision for Gozo? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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