Bernard Grech’s Political Future

As we approach the end of another election campaign, one of the topics on the agenda is Bernard Grech’s future in politics. As the leader of the opposition, he has a heavy weight on his shoulders as he tries to overturn a significant lead, which has been established way before he took over the position. In this article, we shall be discussing the potential scenarios and circumstances that may impact Bernard Grech’s political future.

Another strong Labour victory

The latest polls published just a few days ago seem to point towards a strong Labour party victory, further cementing its position in government. Another win for the Labour party which extends beyond a thirty-five thousand vote majority will put Bernard Grech’s political future as leader of the opposition in serious doubt. Such a loss would imply that another change is required within the structures of the Nationalist party, similar to what happened with predecessors Simon Busuttil and Lawrence Gonzi.

A narrower gap

The past elections have seen the Labour party enjoy landslide victories, much to the dismay of the Nationalists. In view of the fact that the country has grown accustomed to the large gap between both parties, a result which is deemed closer than usual might benefit Bernard Grech more than we think. Some argue that following the struggles faced by the current government, such as an economic downturn and frequent allegations of corruption, the gap is not likely to be as large as per previous elections. If Bernard Grech were to register an election loss which dilutes the gap to a few thousands, many voters may think that the Nationalist party is once again on the right track. This would potentially place faith in the party, with the view that the progress made can lead to an election victory.

A surprise win

Although the polls and statistics tend to point towards the contrary of a Nationalist victory, a week is a long time in politics and no result should ever be deemed as a total surprise. Should the Nationalist party manage to mount a victory in the upcoming election, Bernard Grech would be heading towards an exciting political future. This would be in the context that he manages to overcome the existing Labour lead and strike a majority which makes him Prime Minister.
What do you make about the future of Bernard Grech’s political career? Do you think that he has more in him to eventually become Prime Minister? Or is the upcoming election the end of the line? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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