Should Travel Restrictions end for Flights?

For the past two years, lives have been impacted and characterised by the developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic hardships caused by the pandemic are felt till this day and although the restrictions are easing, some do remain in force. With weaker variants of COVID-19 becoming the most dominant strains and the availability of effective vaccines, restrictions have been easing and societies are returning to a certain degree of normality.

One sector which is still quite impacted by COVID-19 restrictions is travel. Tourism numbers have not yet neared pre-pandemic heights considering that people are still concerned when it comes to infection and quarantine. An activity that is associated with relaxation has become one with certain hassles involved due to the restrictions, additional documentation required and potential quarantine which can ruin one’s holiday.

In view of the fact that the world is transitioning to normality, many wonder when travel will be reinstated to its original experience. A few days ago, airlines and airports called for an end to pandemic restrictions applicable for European domestic flights. This is because many European countries are relaxing measures related to vaccinations and the wearing of masks.

The Omicron variant has now dominated through Europe, with cases becoming less complicated than the start of the pandemic. With high levels of immunity brought about by the vaccines and exposure through infections, mortality rates and serious cases of COVID-19 have reduced substantially.

In view of the lesser perceived threat of COVID-19, several countries are dropping mandatory restrictions where people are required to wear masks in public spaces or else show vaccine certificates to attend social events.

One of the latest arguments is that since restrictions around Europe are being gradually removed, the same should apply for air transportation. The applicable measures include the passenger locator forms, the presentation of negative tests and the wearing of masks on flights. The removal of such restrictions will bring an element of the freedom that most are accustomed to and make travel more enjoyable. Apart from bringing a certain degree of freedom back, new jobs will be created, similar to pre-pandemic levels as demand would spike. If the situation remains under control as restrictions are being removed, this may bring about an exciting future, especially as the World Health Organization has dubbed 2022 to be the end-year for the pandemic.

What do you think about the removal of restrictions when it comes to travel and flights? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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