Benefits of Water that we Overlook

We may tend to underestimate the benefits of drinking water. Consuming the right amounts of water is necessary for the body and brain and in this article, we shall be discussing why. Drinking water regularly and at the right intervals, can prevent health problems all throughout the body. The amounts of water that should be consumed depend on how much one exercises, weight and climate.

More energy

Water maintains adequate levels of nutrients within cells. The positive impact of this is increased energy. When people consume less water than they should, cells suffer and so does your performance physically and mentally.

Better exercise

Good levels of water consumption give our muscles the right concoction of sodium, potassium and magnesium. Without water, muscles suffer and this can lead to cramps and reduced levels of training performance.

Weight loss

Increasing water consumption can dilute your food cravings. This contributes against weight gain, which is a problem for many.

Improvement in memory

The brain is quite dependent on fluids. Liquid is required for the neurons within the brain. Research seems to point to the fact that memory and attention improve in children after water is consumed. 

Fighting colds

Water is effective when you are down with a cold. The consumption of water enables the body to tackle germs more effectively whilst allowing cells to keep up with the demand required. Drinking water also fights dryness of the throat and helps the body manage the mucus it produces better.

Fighting constipation

Water helps with maintaining balance within the body, aiding the digestive system. The more water consumed translates to a lower probability of constipation.

Drinking water regularly can be less exciting for some, which is why they may opt for other non-healthy alternatives. If still water is something you do not enjoy, you may find that sparkling hits the spot better. This can serve as a healthy alternative, especially when compared to soft drinks. If water on its own is still not appealing to you, see what you can mix to make the flavour more exciting. You should however avoid artificial sugars and other unhealthy options. Another consideration would be to consume fruits that are high in water volumes. It is also ideal to avoid the caffeine mix.

Do you feel that you consume enough water? Let us know in the comments section below.

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