Żaren tal-Ajkla to Contest the Election yet again

One of the popular candidates who has been known to diffuse the tension of political campaigning, Nazzareno Bonnici will be contesting the 2022 election. More commonly referred to as Żaren tal-Ajkla, he will be a candidate one can vote for on both the third and thirteenth districts.

When asked about his candidature for the upcoming election he expressed pride at being amongst the biggest parties that the island has to offer. He also stated that he is ready to express what he has to say to the Maltese.

His past election efforts have not been met with success. This time round, he has expressed his belief that both the Labour and Nationalist parties will be losing a significant number of votes. His message is that they have lost the trust of large chunks of the population and that a new party should replace them.

Żaren tal-Ajkla has become a popular figure in the local scene. He is perceived as providing a sense of light heartedness amidst a political rivalry between the two biggest parties. He had also organised mass meetings that were attended by large numbers of people.

His participation in his first election dates back to 2013. Back in 2019, he got forty-seven first count votes from the second district. In 2017, he neared eighty votes. He was more successful in terms of votes when he contested the Member of European Parliament elections. In 2014, he got around a thousand and two hundred votes and in 2019 he gathered almost four hundred.

Credit Photo: Brandon Pisani – TVM News

Żaren tal-Ajkla will be remembered for one of his most iconic moments, when he stood there bewildered and disgruntled at his election failure where he managed to gather just almost eighty votes. Following the attendance in the mass meetings organised, it was clear to see that he expected much better. In the face of such disappointment, one may have expected that Żaren tal-Ajkla would not contest another general election. One should admire the man’s courage, that in view of the disappointments faced in politics, he still continues to try to make an impact.

What do you make of Żaren tal-Ajkla’s participation in the upcoming general election? Do you think he will mass a larger number of voters? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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