What is the Nationalist party proposing?

The Nationalist party faces an upcoming election following a challenging run of years. After the heavy defeat of Lawrence Gonzi’s administration, the Nationalist party saw three leaders, with both Simon Busuttil and Adrian Delia failing to make inroads with the electorate. This is Bernard Grech’s first chance to prove that the Nationalist party can be considered as an alternative government. In this article, we shall be discussing what the Nationalist party is proposing in a bid to sway voters away from Labour.

The economy

The Nationalist party has a difficult challenge ahead to convince the electorate with regards to its economic proposals. The reason for this is because the Labour party has excelled over the past years in growing the economy. One of the most ambitious proposals of the Nationalist party is the one billion Euro fund aimed at attracting new business sectors. Such new sectors that the Nationalist party intends to target are artificial intelligence, sports, 3D printing, Metaverse, videogames, e-sports, compliance and due diligence and specialised manufacturing.

The Nationalist party is proposing that VAT will be reduced to 7% for restaurants and bars. Another incentive would be for hotels who undertake works to refurbish and ameliorate their facilities. They would benefit from a 50% tax rebate.

Income tax

The Nationalist party is also proposing tax credits. Those earning less than twenty thousand a year will benefit from a credit of 10% for the tax paid the previous year. The same principle will extend for those who earn between twenty and forty thousand a year, with a 5% tax credit applying. Those earning between forty and sixty thousand will benefit from a tax credit of 3%. Those earning between sixty and eighty thousand a year will have their income tax rate reduced to 25%. The Nationalist party also promises that within five years the corporate tax rate will fall from 35% to 25%.


The elderly would be pleased to note that pensions will be addressed. If elected to government, the Nationalist party pledges that the minimum pension will equate to the minimum wage. Bonuses will also be provided to those who work beyond retirement age.

Family grants

If the Nationalist party is elected to govern, parents who give birth will benefit from a grant of one thousand Euro. This grant will also apply to those parents who have had a child since January 2017. Allowance increases are also set to apply.


Under the Nationalist party, loans by the government will be given to those who cannot afford the 10% down payment. The scheme for first time buyers will become permanent. Senior citizens selling their homes to go live in an elderly home will benefit from stamp duty exemptions as well.

With this set of proposals, do you think that the Nationalist party stands a chance in the upcoming election?

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