What is the Labour party proposing?

Following months of anticipation, the Labour party has announced that a general election will take place on the 26th of March. The Labour party, under its new campaign slogan “Malta Flimkien” aims to head into its third successive legislature, following a couple of challenging years. Following the resignation of Joseph Muscat, the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta’s greylisting and a number of party controversies, we shall be discussing what Labour is proposing should it be re-elected once more.

The environment

The theme of the environment has long been an area which needs to be properly addressed in a country which is driven by significant construction and development to sustain its economy. The Prime Minister has promised a strong investment of seven hundred million Euro for green areas, throughout the timeframe of a seven-year period. Other projects include the conversion of the Ħamrun milk factory into a large garden which will be accompanied with underground parking. The Triq Sant’Anna in Floriana will be converted into a pedestrianised green area, transitioning it from heavy traffic to a relaxing and peaceful zone.

Corporate tax

Following two very hard years, businesses will take anything they can get to continue their recovery. If elected, the Labour party will be reducing the corporate tax rate of the first fifty-two thousand Euro, from 35% to 25%.

First time buyers

Past strategies have shown that incentives for first time buyers yielded positive economic effects. First time buyers will benefit from an incentive which will yield ten thousand Euro in their pockets, over a ten-year period. This equates to a thousand Euro annually for ten years.

Income tax

The Government has also pledged to reduce income tax which will benefit mostly those who earn less. The objective of this strategy is to save people almost seventy million Euro worth of taxes.

Whilst underlining the main proposals of the Labour party thus far, the Prime Minister confirmed that cheques will be distributed to students, workers, pensioners and people on social benefits. Students and workers will gain a cheque of one hundred Euro, whilst pensioners and those on social benefits will receive two hundred Euro.

Robert Abela also gave some indications on those contesting on behalf of the Labour party. He stated that Rosianne Cutajar will be contesting for the Labour party after she shouldered the responsibility of her actions. Her fate in politics will be left in the hands of the public.

What do you make of the Labour party’s proposals for the upcoming election? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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