Why Businesses find it hard to recruit

One of the common struggles that businesses face is recruiting employees for their organisations. Recruitment is quite competitive across a variety of sectors and not finding suitable employees can severely impact business operations. In this article, we shall be discussing reasons why certain businesses find it hard to recruit.

Lack of competitivity

Certain organisations find it hard to attract new employees simply because they lack competitivity and unique selling propositions. If a business does not offer candidates the potential of a better and more rewarding career, they would not be willing to make the change. There are several avenues how businesses can be competitive to entice potential recruits. These may include better salary prospects and career progression opportunities, exposure to exciting work and a solid company culture where employees can feel part of a bigger picture. These are just a few examples.

Employer branding deficiencies

A business may not be doing a great job when it comes to promoting its value proposition to potential recruits. In a bid to cut through the competition, several businesses today promote what it is like working for them. Such efforts may be spearheaded through marketing material showcasing videos and visuals of the company culture, including employees enjoying themselves throughout the day, activities and events. Businesses that do not invest in promotional collateral aimed at attracting potential candidates are likely to be deemed as offering a less exciting workplace.


The past years have been riddled with uncertainty. Making the change to a new job in an uncertain economic scenario takes courage and many have opted to stay put rather than experiment with something new. As the world is now slowly getting used to living with COVID-19, confidence in changing jobs will also be expected to increase.

Lack of resources

Businesses find themselves in a position where they are competing for limited resources. Across several industries you will hear that there are few people available for employment. When competing for a very limited pool of people, recruitment becomes a completely different challenge. One of the reasons which is driving this is the fact that several people left Malta and went back to their home country due to the pandemic. Businesses hope that the situation will get better as the pandemic is controlled.

Bad history

A company that holds a history that is perceived negatively in the market is less likely to attract quality recruits. If a business has had its name in media headlines for unexemplary practices and layoffs, potential candidates would approach with caution.

What do you think are the main drivers for the challenges in recruitment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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