The Tension between Russia and Ukraine

The situation between Russia and Ukraine has escalated rapidly, creating an uncertain situation that can impact the entire globe. Being a delicate scenario, an imminent invasion is deemed as a possibility that can happen anytime. The United States, which is monitoring the situation closely, has advised American citizens to leave Ukraine, in view of the imminent potential threat.

It is anticipated that a potential invasion can start through an aerial attack which might prevent and hinder departures out of the country. The statement made by Russia is that there is no intention to invade Ukraine. This may be interpreted as a contradictory stance as Russia has brought together more than a hundred thousand troops near Ukraine’s border.

Other countries have followed suit after the warning made by the United States, that of advising their nationals to leave Ukraine. The United States issued an order where its embassy in Kyiv will need to operate without non-essential staff. A small presence to cater for any emergencies will be maintained in Lviv.

Credit: French President Emmanuel Macron (R) and US President Joe Biden | Ludovic Marin/AFP

In an attempt to diffuse the tension, both United States President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron scheduled discussions with Vladimir Putin. Russia has stated that countries within Europe have inflated the situation, accelerating the existing tensions.

In view of the large numbers mobilised near the Ukrainian border, the potential military action is significant and worrying. Whilst it would be difficult to predict if we have another war on the cards, caution and constant monitoring are prudent actions when considering the circumstances.

Commenting on the situation and current tensions evolving, Joe Biden stated that severe economic consequences await Russia should it proceed with invading Ukraine. US troops are also being mobilised to Poland. The tone of urgency adopted by the US highlights that the situation is escalating and the outcome can be devastating.

The situation revolves around the fact that Russia does not want Ukraine to become a part of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation). Tension between the two countries has been escalating since 2014 and could culminate in a war. Should it come to that, the world will once again enter a phase of uncertainty with relations between countries being impacted.

In response to these uncertainties, thousands of people in Ukraine congregated in Kiev to showcase a united front against any potential invasion.

What do you make about the current happenings between Russia and Ukraine? How do you think developments will impact the world? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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