How to become a reliable and trusted source in business

Being a credible source in business is necessary in today’s competitive landscape. Developing a reputation of being trustworthy and reliable can bring about several benefits to you as an individual and the business you represent. Holding this reputation can allow you to build strategic relationships and contacts both when the economy is thriving and even during turbulent times. In this article, we shall be discussing how you can build such a reputation.

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Give valuable information consistently

To build trust and credibility you need to give out accurate information consistently. This should be tailored to the needs of the listeners, so that it is perceived as content of value. Doing so on a regular basis creates a sense of predictability, which is a necessary component in creating trust.


Developing a reputation for credibility entails being honest about successes and failures. Trying to dilute a serious situation by blurring the facts can come back to bite you and negatively impact the perception surrounding you and your business for the long-term. Being honest is not always easy, especially if you need to communicate bad news to superiors, colleagues, partners or clients.

Have a vision

Leaders that hold high levels of trust and credibility have a vision. They are guided by a bigger picture which influences their actions and beliefs. Leaders who have a sound vision are confident with inviting feedback relating to their ideas and engage in productive discussion.

Invest in your network

Although building your reputation of reliability and trust will be achieved through quality and hard work, you can fast-track by investing in your network. Allocate time to meet new people or connect through online networks. This can be done by attending events and online seminars where you get to meet new people and exchange ideas, whilst exploring opportunities for collaboration.

Under promise and over deliver

At different stages in your career, you will be tempted to make strong promises. Before making them, ensure that you would be able to deliver to the expectations you set. If you promise a big game and come up short, your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business or individual takes a hit. If on the other hand you keep promises controlled and over deliver on expectations, you have better chances of improving your reputation.

Becoming a reliable and trusted source in business takes time, effort and commitment. Developing a solid reputation requires years of consistency and can be undermined by even the smallest of mishaps.

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