Ways how you can reduce stress levels

Stress is a part of life and may be brought about from a variety of factors. Such can include major challenges and minor activities that induce stress on individuals. Although you cannot control external factors, you can manage how you respond to them. At times, stress can take its toll on a person, impacting overall wellbeing and health. In this article, we shall be discussing some effective ways to handle stress, which is beneficial for your mind and body.

Breathing well

Stress levels can be better controlled if you manage your breathing. This can relieve stress in just a few minutes. Breaths are to be taken through the nose slowly, till they fill the belly. They should also be released slowly. This works especially if you are starting to feel stressed in crowded environments or tense meetings.

Engage in creativity

Packed daily schedules can make it quite easy to abandon and forget your creative side. Engaging in something creative such as an art piece can help you take your mind off current problems and reduce stress levels. Creativity serves as a healthy outlet especially when one is overwhelmed.

A healthy diet

A balanced diet is a good long-term strategy to keep stress at bay. Indulging in unhealthy food can provide a short-term feeling of relief, which then contributes to long-term stress. There are several food items that can help to regulate moods and maintain a balance of energy. These include eggs, avocado and walnuts.


Hobbies can also be overlooked if one leads a busy lifestyle. Many are of the belief that their life simply does not allow for some leisure activities and fun. All work and no play can lead to a stressful and mundane life.


When negativity reigns supreme in your thought process, you are more likely to increase your stress levels. In this regard, developing positive thinking habits can help against being overwhelmed with stress. It is also important to adopt a positive outlook, where you acknowledge the good things in life and all that you are grateful for.

Support circles

Being and feeling on your own can be quite stressful, especially in moments of need. It helps to have people you can turn and relate to for several reasons, be it a friendly discussion or else to seek advice.

Together with tips such as the ones discussed in this article, it would also make sense to examine the main contributors of stress in your life and minimise your exposure to these as much as possible.

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