Food Items that Promote Blood Circulation

Enhancing blood circulation is of vital importance for a healthy body. When circulation is not functioning appropriately, one may encounter different symptoms such as numbness, pain and muscle cramps, together with others. There are various reasons why circulation may be impacted, and this can include problems with arteries, diabetes and obesity amongst others. In this article, we shall be discussing some food items which can promote blood circulation.

Dark chocolate

When consumed in a balanced way, dark chocolate can be beneficial for you. It helps the body to produce nitric oxide, which contributes to a healthier heart and veins. The cocoa within dark chocolate helps with fighting blood pressure and cholesterol. The more cocoa concentration within dark chocolate, the better.


An item known for keeping arteries open and circulation on track, turmeric is perceived quite positively in India, being referred to as a golden spice. Combining this with black pepper brings about health benefits and promotes good blood flow.


Fish such as salmon contains extensive amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Regular consumption of salmon is indeed recommended. A lack of omega-3 fatty acid correlates with poor blood circulation. Being high in omega-3, it contributes towards blood thinning.

Chilli peppers

You may find that getting more accustomed to spicy food can be healthier for you. Chilli peppers are positively correlated with promoting better circulation due to the kick that they give to blood flow. Studies find that those who consume such spicy food run lesser risks of death. If you are not that keen of combining spicy food within your dishes, start off with small amounts, gradually increasing as you get used to it.


Garlic is composed of an important compound termed allicin. The importance of allicin is due to the fact that it relaxes blood vessels. Those who consume significant amounts of garlic benefit from improved blood flow, positively impacting the heart. This reduces the workload required by the heart and hence keeps blood pressure in check.


Nuts are beneficial in promoting circulation and blood flow. Walnuts in particular contain Omega-3 fatty acids. One particular study illustrated how consumption of walnuts promoted better blood flow. Participants who consumed walnuts regularly for eight weeks experienced improvements in blood flow, health and pressure.

Blood circulation is an important component for your health. Do not underestimate it.

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