The benefits of a tertiary education in Malta

When it comes to pursuing tertiary education, Malta may not automatically crop up in many people’s list. There are several benefits when reading for a degree in Malta. The country offers a high level of education, a good standard of living and several exciting career opportunities within thriving industries such as gaming, financial services, construction and property amongst others.

Due to its growing economy, Malta places high priority on skilled graduates. In this article, we shall be discussing the benefits of obtaining a tertiary education in Malta.

Financial benefits

Local students who read for a degree at the University of Malta are likely to be spared of hefty course fees, which is not commonplace when considering other academic institutions internationally. Not only that, but local students also benefit from a monthly stipend. Local students find this an attractive option because they can achieve a high level of education without the need to get into debt, which is the norm in other countries around the world.

Improving English

For those students coming from foreign countries, reading for a degree in Malta is an opportunity to improve their English. Malta attracts several students from various European countries including Italy, France and Germany. The importance of this cannot be understated as English is the most important language for the global business economy.

Quality job opportunities

As one is studying in Malta, he or she can plan for an exciting future with the numerous career opportunities available. In several industries, including gaming and financial services amongst many others, university students may opt to work on a part-time basis until they finish their studies. After their studies are complete, they can then proceed with finding a full-time job in one of Malta’s thriving industries. The country adopts a pro-business approach, where start-ups and established companies are given room to grow.

Quality standard of living

Together with the several opportunities for studies and jobs, Malta allows for a quality standard of living. Its political and socioeconomic stability allows for a consistent improvement in the standard of living. Malta is also an ideal place for some quality downtime, with several places to explore, avenues for entertainment and restaurants boasting delightful Mediterranean cuisine. Those living in Malta can also enjoy over three hundred days of sunshine yearly due to the splendid weather.

Malta is a country where you can benefit from a great education, a quality standard of living and it is a cosmopolitan society where you can build connections from all over the world. 

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