Why a booster vaccine is important

COVID-19 cases have been increasing significantly across the world. The new Omicron variant has contributed to these significant rises which are seeing pandemic records. In view of the increase in new cases, booster vaccines are important to prevent symptomatic and severe sickness which may lead to hospitalisation.

Data has shown that although vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe disease, their potency wanes after a couple of months. This highlights the importance of getting a booster shot to restore optimal immunity against COVID-19.

One of the producers of a COVID-19 vaccine, Moderna, announced that its booster shot is effective against the latest Omicron variant. Similar news was communicated by Pfizer.

Taking a booster vaccine is likely to minimise the chances of feeling symptoms if you become infected with COVID-19. A common misconception is that if you take the booster, you should not get infected. In reality, the purpose of the booster is more inclined towards safeguarding from severe COVID-19 symptoms rather than getting infected. In view that Omicron is twice as contagious as Delta, it is now more probable than ever to get infected. What one can do is prepare the immune system through the vaccines available so if COVID-19 infection hits, symptoms would be negligible or mild. This is especially important in view of the fact that the current Omicron variant is expected to spread fast and those who are not fully vaccinated are most at risk. The cold weather is also associated with an increase in cases, so booster shots are likely to help with saving lives during the winter months.

When considering the protection available and how COVID-19 is impacting certain people, the temporary side effects of a booster vaccine pale in comparison. Apart from the protection provided, governments across the world are adopting stricter measures against those who refuse to get vaccinated when they are eligible to. Going forward, such restrictions include not being able to visit restaurants or public spaces and potentially being barred from attending events. Those who are fully vaccinated with the booster included also benefit from less strict measures when it comes to quarantine after having made contact with someone who is positive. More pressure is being made to have quarantine eased, especially for those who have followed public health protocols and got themselves vaccinated.

What do you make of the COVID-19 booster shot? Did you get yours yet? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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