Malta’s Cannabis Law

The past days have been engulfed by discussions surrounding Malta’s new cannabis law. In a progressive and liberal move, the government of Malta has brought into effect a law which allows the cultivation and possession of cannabis for individual use. 

Although cannabis for personal use has become legal, there are parameters to control abuse and addiction. Malta will only allow seven grams for those who are eighteen and over. Fifty grams can be stored whilst only four plants can be kept at home.

This recent legislation adopted by Malta is likely to influence other countries within the European Union. Talks to legalise and regulate cannabis use are taking place in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Netherlands. In Italy, it seems that a referendum is on the cards. States within the US, Canada and Mexico have already brought into effect similar legislation. On the other hand, the UK has a tougher stand against the use of cannabis. Criminal sanctions would apply as the UK stands fast in its war against drugs.

The position of the Maltese government is that whilst it does not wish to promote cannabis for personal use, there is no tangible evidence to suggest that it leads to harder drugs. It was also mentioned that the law and society adopted a tough stance against cannabis users, with many going through hardships and suffering due to recreational use. In the past, people who were caught with cannabis risked being arrested, with the subsequent court proceedings which would tarnish a person’s reputation even as one is seeking employment. Malta is a leading country in documenting words into a law which is now in force. 

This change in legal framework follows a decision taken by the United Nations in December. This decision was to remove cannabis from the list of potentially addictive and dangerous drugs. This is combined with the fact that many argue that cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes, to relieve people suffering from certain ailments.

Malta will be imposing fines against those who do not follow the set parameters. Those who are below eighteen years of age and are caught consuming cannabis will face the commission for justice and will be recommended for a care plan rather than being arrested. Those consuming cannabis in the presence of children face fines of between three hundred and five hundred Euro.

Cannabis can be smoked and cultivated in private residences, away from public sight. What do you make about the new legislation? Are you in agreement? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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