Infrastructure Deficiencies in Malta

The everlasting issue of infrastructure in Malta has once again been brought under the spotlight. A densely populated country with a rapidly growing population only accelerates existing problems which have not been solved despite repeated efforts and projects.

The traffic problem

Traffic in Malta has been an issue for years. As the population grows, with cars increasing on the road at a rapid pace, people are spending more time in traffic commuting than they did in the past. Although several projects such as flyovers have been implemented, the traffic issue still persists. In this regard, other options for public transportation are being investigated. One of the measures is that public transport will be made free of charge as from next year and a major project in the form of an underground system is being planned. Time will tell whether public transportation will be efficient enough to entice people to leave their own personal cars behind as they commute.

The parking problem

As time passes by, the issue of parking continues to worsen. In most localities within Malta, finding a parking space is a nightmare. When commuting from one place to another, it can be quite frustrating to find outdoor parking, especially if no premises exists nearby where one can park at a fee. The same applies for those who do not own a garage or parking space close to their residences. With the influx of people coming to and residing in Malta, competition for parking spaces is constantly on the increase.

The rain

Malta is lucky in the sense that bad weather is not customary. Boasting over three hundred days of sunshine, rain rarely poses significant issues which reflect poorly on Malta’s infrastructure. With that said however, when heavy rain hits Malta, the impact on the roads is clear for everyone to see. Roads convert similarly to lakes and traffic comes at a standstill, exasperating the existing problem and making movement very slow, creating delays. Whilst these occurrences are not so common, the impact on productivity is significant.

The state of roads

Although a lot of work has been done on roads over the past years, the state and quality leave a lot to be desired. The potholes and uneven surfaces hinder smooth travel and might spike up maintenance costs for vehicles, especially if one owns executive cars!

Infrastructure is a critical component for the smooth running of the country. In view of the anticipated economic growth and further increase in the size of the population, infrastructure needs to step up its pace. 

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