Is Malta the place for Digital Nomads?

For a number of years, Malta has been an ideal destination for travellers and workers alike. The onslaught of the pandemic paused things for quite a while and led to a number of foreigners and expats to leave Malta, in view of the global crisis. Fast forward a few months, with vaccines for COVID-19 being easily accessible, the country is slowly getting back to normality.

With one of the world’s highest vaccination rates, Malta is hosting back visitors both for travel and work related purposes. Although COVID-19 cases are on the rise across Europe, the situation in Malta in terms of hospitalisations and mortality rates, remains under control. 

Although a small country, Malta’s thriving economy has long attracted a variety of workers seeking a better future. Considering that over ninety percent of the eligible population in Malta is vaccinated, this makes it one of the safest countries in terms of COVID-19 cases.

Malta has been one of the best case studies when considering how the pandemic is being managed. Throughout these past months, for the most part, the country held less restrictions when compared to other European countries and still managed to keep the situation under control. With the situation being very close to the normality we are accustomed to, the country finds itself with a shortage of workers across different levels. This underscores the fact that those seeking to work in Malta have ample opportunities to choose from. Malta has also increased its attractiveness a few months ago, with the introduction of the Nomad Residence Permit, which in a nutshell allows visitors to maintain their current employment in another country, whilst working remotely. Such visitors will need to prove that they have an employment or freelance/consulting services arrangement and earn at least two thousand and seven hundred Euro monthly.

Apart from the enticing economic prospects, the country boasts a lot of beauty and entertainment. It is a relatively small island where the nearest beach is just fifteen minutes away. Brimming with activity, nomads will be pleased to see that a lot is happening in Malta, with places being packed with people especially during the weekend. Although the country has implemented efforts to close into pre-pandemic normality, some restrictions still apply. These include set maximum numbers in restaurant tables and limited capacity for large events including standing ones. As it stands, a number of restrictions may be lifted in such establishments, providing that all attendees would be vaccinated.

Would you be interested in visiting and living in Malta? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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