Why an election in 2021 would have been ideal for Labour

The past few weeks were met with significant anticipation as many expected the announcement of an election date, sometime in November. In the past days, the Prime Minister Robert Abela brought an end to the anticipation as he announced that the election will take place in 2022. This went against most expectations as many were dubbing the last week of November 2021 as the time where this would take place. Although the election will take place in 2022, an election in November 2021 might have been more beneficial for the Labour party. In this article, we shall be discussing why this might be the case.

A post-pandemic feel

Optimism seems to be creeping in as many are starting to feel that we have entered a new phase, back to normality. Most activities which could be enjoyed prior to the pandemic are now available, with places being packed with people. This is combined with the fact that over ninety percent of Malta’s eligible population is vaccinated and taking booster shots. This allows for fewer cases, hospitalisations and deaths. In such a scenario, calling an election now as the storm seems to have settled may have been an ideal time.

The polls

The latest polls are favouring the Labour party, highlighting a significant margin. As it stands today, it seems that if an election were to be held, the Labour party would win with around forty-five thousand votes, a healthy margin for the Government. Having an election in November 2021, would allow very little time for the Nationalist party to reduce the gap.

Unemployment and work

Following the dire effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta is rebounding quite strongly. Business has picked up and unemployment is back to record lows. The current situation in which workers are desperately needed allows for better conditions of work, which means that there are ample opportunities.

Source: Dr Robert Abela

Support in the new Prime Minister

Although the Labour party is in its second legislature, the current Prime Minister never won an election at the helm. The last election was won by his predecessor Joseph Muscat. A quick snap election in November 2021, would affirm faith and trust in the current Prime Minister. 

What do you think about an election in 2022? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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