Is the PN fit for Government?

Talks of an election have been dominating media headlines for the past few weeks now. The Prime Minister Robert Abela has trashed claims of an election to take place towards the end of 2021. As we seem all set for an election in the coming year, one of the main questions is whether the Nationalist party can lead the country if elected to government.

Source: Bernard Grech slams ‘virtual reality budget’

The vision

One of the issues which has been plaguing the Nationalist party for years is that pertaining to its vision. As time progressed, we have been seeing more of what we should expect if the Nationalist party were to be elected. One of the main emphasis points of the Nationalist party is that it stands for better balance, whereby it believes that people should be able to work less and still afford a decent lifestyle. A main problem earmarked by the Nationalist party is the fact that people lead very stressful lives and work long hours, yet still struggle to keep up with life’s expenses.

Another integral component to the vision of the Nationalist party is its fight against corruption. Throughout its stint in the opposition benches, it has emphasised that corruption has plagued the country, citing a number of issues which contributed to the country’s greylisting and impacted its reputation globally.

Source: Bernard Grech writes to FATF amid greylisting concerns

The polls

The Nationalist party is now through its third leader in opposition, who is trying to steer the ship in the right direction. Judging by the recently published polls, a lot is left to be desired from the Nationalist party’s side. Recent polls indicate that the margin leaves the Nationalists trailing the Labour party by somewhere in the region of forty-five thousand votes. Should this materialise into an actual electoral result, it would mean that the Nationalist party encounters a larger landslide defeat at the hands of Labour when compared to previous years.

Source: Adrian Delia Pledges To Give Bernard Grech ‘The Loyalty I Didn’t Receive’

The divide

For a long time, the Nationalists have been associated with different factions and internal divides. The fact that the former leader Adrian Delia was ousted without being allowed to contend for a general election was met with resentment. It is heavily suspected that the party still goes through unrest due to some individuals still believing that Adrian Delia’s demise was not just.

What do you make of the Nationalist party’s standing? Do you think that the party would be fit to lead in government? Do they have a chance to turn the polls around? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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