Effective Exercises you can do at home

Over the past few months, you may have indulged a tad too excessively and gained some extra weight. Carrying around the extra pounds may be detrimental both for your health and also your overall look. A healthy lifestyle which promotes the burning of excess fats, should include a consistent schedule of exercises. 

Maintaining this is much easier said than done, especially if one leads a hectic lifestyle. High intensity workouts are generally less time consuming than traditional cardio exercises and can promote the burning of fat much quicker due to the increased levels of metabolism that they generate. In this article, we shall be discussing some workout exercises that you can complete at home, without the need of hitting the gym.


This is one of the most basic exercises, yet quite effective. If you are new to this or it has been a while, you should aim for sets of twenty to start with. With time, you will get even better and can start aiming for fifty per set. If you are able to complete these without placing your feet under a table or chair for support, it would be better as the exercise will be more effective.


Lay on your back, with your knees up. With hands behind the head, you may proceed with pumping legs as if you are riding a bicycle. Aim for sets that last one minute.


These are ideal if you are focusing on body toning. Planks are done by resting on the elbows and toes whilst the back and legs are kept straight. These exercises would be effective when you manage to hold on to this position for one minute.


One of the most popular exercises, promoting quad muscle growth and resilience. Sets of ten would be a good start. It is important to keep your back straight and as you are going down, you do so as if you are sitting down. Once you get the hang of these you can try doing them with some weight, perhaps your kid on your back!

High knees

You can undertake this exercise by jogging on the spot and lifting both knees as high as possible. Sets of one minute would be good.


Another traditional type of exercise yet quite effective in building arm muscle and strength. Once you get used to these you can try experimenting with adding some weight on your backside to make the exercise more challenging and rewarding.

These are just some quick exercises you can do at home. Do you have others to suggest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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