Malta back on the Green List

Barring a few weeks with high counts of daily cases, overall Malta managed the COVID-19 pandemic quite well. Malta is in an optimistic stage whereby over ninety percent of the eligible population has been vaccinated and case numbers have spiraled down nicely. The lower counts of active cases and deaths, which can be associated with a successful vaccination campaign have brought about a sense of normality within the country, with restrictions being gradually lifted.

Following the consistent run of weeks where few cases have been registered, Malta finds itself back on the EU’s travel green list. This positive news comes after a summer period where Malta spent a number of weeks on both the red and orange lists.

A map is prepared every week by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), classifying each country. This classification would be based on the number of cases and positivity rate captured in the previous week. A country’s classification is an indication of the safety from COVID-19 and being placed in the green list can only impact tourism positively.

Malta was placed on the green list after being taken off on the twelfth of July, where it was classified as a red zone country due to a spike in COVID-19 cases. The countries that have lower transmission of COVID-19 are placed on the green list, followed by those placed in the orange category and then the red. Countries which are impacted most negatively are placed in the dark red category.

The change in classification is a welcome development for Malta. The Deputy Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction at this development on social media. This can be interpreted as another sign of a job well done in managing the pandemic. Malta’s fourteen-day case notification and positivity rates compare favourably to other European countries. It is also important to mention that other European countries have also been categorised under the green list.

The upcoming winter will provide a good indication of the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as restrictions are being lifted and booster jabs are given. As time progresses, many will hope that case numbers remain low, with no significant pressure being applied to the health system. 

With respect to the fight against COVID-19, the different vaccines have proven to be successful. Just a few days ago, it was reported that a pill which halves deaths and hospitalisations is progressing well with use for emergency situations being applied for in the coming weeks. Another game changer such as this might be enough to push all the way to full normality, with potentially COVID-19 being diluted to a disease similar to a common cold.

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